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Scoring System

The Surface Festival Regional / International Showcase scoring system works on a 75:25 basis. Seventy five percent of the final score comes from the judges' points and twenty five percent comes from text votes cast for each band. Each judge’s points awarded will contribute 25% of the final score for each band.

Judges (Surface Festival Committee): The judges' scores are translated into points with the maximum points available being 28 with the scores going down to 1. (This is dependent on the number of band and artists playing. For example as we have 28 bands and artists competing in the International Showcase, the maximum points available are 28 with the scores going down to 1.). As there will be three judges each contributing scores from 1 to 28 for each band, each score given will be worth 25% of each band and artists final score.

Text Vote: In a similar way, the results from the text votes are also translated into points with the band receiving the most text votes receiving the maximum number of points. As with the judges' points, the maximum points available are 28 going down to 1. The scores calculated from the public text vote will be worth 25% of each band and artists final score.

If there is a tie: If there is a tie at the top of the text vote leaderboard, the tied band and artists will each get 28 points (and the next band in line will get 26 points). The same applies in any other positions on the text vote leaderboard. If there is a tie at the bottom of the text vote leaderboard then the tied band and artists will each get 2 points.

Combined Scores: The 3 scores from the judges’ leaderboard and the score from the text vote leaderboard are then combined to calculate each band’s total score. (This means the highest total score a band can get is 112 = 28 + 28 + 28 +28).

Once all 3 judges’ scores and the text votes have been combined, if, in the unlikely event that there is a tie between any band and artists, then the head judge’s score will make the final decision between the tying band and artists.

Please note: There are a number of contingencies which could occur on or before the event since this is a live show. Surface Festival Ltd reserves the right to amend the voting system accordingly and if it does so, clear announcements will be made on stage explaining the changes and the reasons for them.

How you can vote for the Surface Festival International Showcase: Public voting is by text vote only. The size of the likely response to the competition and votes means that text voting is one of the most suitable ways to enable such a large number of votes to be handled.

The text vote numbers for each band are displayed on our website, on the line-up sheets hung around the venue at the event and will also be announced by the presenter during the live show.

Text vote lines will close at the end of the show and will be announced by the presenter during the live show. Please do not text vote after the lines have closed as your vote will not be counted, but you may still be charged. For full text vote terms and conditions please see the text vote terms and condition page on our website.

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