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Charlie & The Martyrs

Surface Festival has been a real journey for us, and we couldn't be happier to be playing in the National Showcase at the o2 in London! We've taken each round as it comes and really never expected to get this far! We've been overwhelmed by the support people have given us, and really loved playing at Birmingham Academy. Our area manager Leon has been great too, whatever happens its been an amazing experience!

Bury The Ladybird

Surface Festival has been the most exciting and adventerous thing we have done as of yet! When we first signed up to the festival, we had only just began our journey as a band and we had no idea how much the experience would help us develop. We signed up originally to play gigs further away from our hometown, but it did much more than that for us; our music, stage presence and performance as a whole improved hugely, we learned what it was like to work in a professional environment, we learned how dedicated our fans were, we made some awesome friends and listened to some amazing music. If you're thinking about taking part in the festival, stop thinking and do it!


The accomplishment in my life has been this festival, if you want a mere glimpse of what it would be like to be famous for a day this festival will provide you with that! Not only that the festival has given us a chance to play to hundreds if not thousands of people widening our fan base and giving us much more credibility. On entering this Festival we didn’t know what to expect apart from getting to know what our new members were capable of. The festival went on and we kept progressing through each stage up until the National Final at the O2 Complex in London. We met some really talented bands, made good friends and most of all had an awesome time! This festival has not only been enjoyable in the sense of winning but also finding us two really talented musicians, i can only hope they will be here with us in years to come!

Invalid Confessions

Surface Festival was great. We first entered the event not knowing what a professional gig was like. But that’s the thing with this Festival. It’s unique in the sense that it gives bands tons of experience. Experience with stage presence, playing on a big stage, having lighting and sound technicians. This looks great on any bio, whether it be a band one or an application for a job. I would recommend entering Surface Festival to any musician who wants their band to evolve from being a hobby, to a fully professional career.

Under The Driftwood Tree

When I initially entered the band Under The Driftwood Tree into the Surface Festival we had only just started out and I saw this as a way to play gigs and generate exposure. Surface Festival has proved to be the making of Under The Driftwood Tree and thanks to the event it has allowed us to play in places we would never usually play, for a band starting out to get a gig in Barfly, Clwb Ifor Bach, The Gate and The Cardiff Students Union was all a little too much to believe, to top it all off Surface gave everyone involved with the band, fans & family alike the weekend of their lives by allowing us to play in the O2 in London! To summarise, Surface Festival has given the bands the greatest achievement, most memorable moments and cemented the group together. Along the way we've shared the stage with some truly great acts, met some great people and it was an experience that will never be forgotten.


Overall it was amazing. Obviously it was fantastic playing at the IndigO2, the sound was the best and all our fans had a really good time. The regional showcase was also great. The lights and atmosphere that night took it to another level, despite feeling really ill, I still think that was one of our best ever gigs. We also quite enjoyed the 2nd round gig at the Purple Turtle.

Loaded Dice

The Surface Festival was a fantastic experience for us, an unforgettable journey through many rounds at different venues. The ultimate prize and ultimate goal was to perform at the  IndigO2. The chance to play at this incredible venue gave you a real sense of achievement and a wonderful feeling that will stay with us for a long time. The Surface crew were helpful, friendly and always very supportive which made the whole experience just that little bit better. Thank you guys for an amazing opportunity.


The feeling about the Festival was excellent for many reasons, and here are the main ones. First, non professional bands could get a feel of how the professional music industry/realm looks like and is run, thanks to the organising team. The Surface Festival organisation welcomed us to compete although we were a French band (still, based in Manchester during 1.5 year for gigs), when other Festivals seem to be more narrow-minded. We are very grateful for that. There is definitely a Before and an After (Surface Festival experience) for Televox, in the way that reaching the Final makes it much easier for us now to promote our band.

The Arcadian Kicks

The Arcadian Kicks entered the Surface Festival when they were just 17 years old and in a fairly raw form. Jon Brookes (drummer with The Charlatans), who was judging that day, saw enough potential that he felt could develop them into a major British band. Surface gave the band the initial opportunity and experience on a big stage and have helped promote the band's progress ever since. Without Surface we wouldn't of had the chance to work with one of the most talented new bands in the UK.

Ian Light (One Beat Media - Manager of The Arcadian Kicks)

The band are currently recording their new album with the legendary Mike Chapmen (Suzi Quatro, Blondie and The Knack).

Dirty Voice

Having previously played the Surface Festival, we knew just how much fun it could be, with the buzz and excitement kicking in at every round, playing new and major venues, the quality of musicianship is superb. Having worked really hard since the previous year, we decided to go for it again, and it really paid off. We reached the National Final at the IndigO2, London, and enjoyed every last second of the entire festival! You're in good hands too, with a panel of fine industry minded area managers, who really look after you and make the great experience even better!


Among other things Surface Festival has been an opportunity for us to play some great gigs as well as the obvious chance to promote ourselves in front of the industry. The fact that the Surface Festival organizers provide a full backline, including a full 5-piece drum kit complete with cymbals and hardware, and even guitars and leads if required is a real gift. It makes it a doddle to get to gigs, and setting up a piece of cake, allowing you to devote yourselves 150% to putting on a fantastic show.

Hold Your Fire!

We found out about this Festival and entered it not thinking we would even be considered being from the Channel Islands. Our regional manager Tim has been awesome and looked after (tolerated) us in each round. The Regional Showcase in particularly were incredibly tough. We honestly didn't think we'd get through. But that hadn't mattered at any point, the reason we entered this was to showcase that we are a live performance band, and whenever we get up on a stage we give it all we've got. And it seems to have worked so far. We've recommended the Festival to every band we've met, as it's a real opportunity to get to network with other bands, venues, and have a really good time.


I would like to say that Twister have found the Festival this year as the highlight of their band career so far. We have been able to play at the some of best venues across the country and worked and met with some great people from the Industry. Twister have twice entered the Festival and are not only proud to have finished second but to be associated
with a Festival such as Surface.

Axis Mundi

Surface Festival has been a fantastic experience and a massive benefit to my band. The festival allowed us to play to large audiences at some incredible venues. We were able to build a large following because, success on success, our supporters felt a part of something. There was the capacity to earn some money from our gigs if we were willing to put the necessary effort into getting people into venues. The way in which the Festival decided which bands were to progress to the next round, was also the most impartial method that we know of and have competed within. Our Regional Manager Leon, was very friendly, helpful and supportive throughout the competition. Leon always answered any phone calls, texts or e-mails and even rescued my bag which I left behind at the O2 Academy. What a saint.

Old Yellow

After hearing about the Surface Festival in 2009, we finally organised ourselves and managed to enter this year, and were accepted! We have met, laughed with and played along side so many top musicians and have been very impressed with the standard of the bands in all the rounds. You learn a lot about yourself as a musician when playing with other members in a band, but even more so when facing the competition. Surface has really boosted our confidence not just as band members and performers but also as song writers.


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