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About the Festival

The Surface Festival is a European live music event. We are a festival of new music held throughout Europe in aid of discovering and promoting new talent.

Surface Festival 12, is working in association with Zimbalam, PMT, UK Guitar Shows, Ents24, Marshall, D'Addario, Jumbocruiser, Tama, Ashdown, Sziget Fest, Zildjian, Evans, Last.fm, Ibanez, CheckMineOut, Gig The Nation, Monkey Week, Michael Brydon Photography, Planet Waves, Ritter, Univibe Audio, SEO it right, Quite Great PR, Audio Rokit and Access to music to develop alternative ways for band and artists to gain exposure and develop their fan base.
If you are an unsigned band, signed band or solo artist you can apply to play at the Festival.


In 2012 events will be held in cities throughout the U.K. and Europe. For band and artists that reach the final stages of the Festival, both Surface Festival and our sponsors will award with prizes and opportunities in excess of £100,000.


Surface Festival provides the venue, technical organisation, sound technician, stage manager, lighting technician, presenter and every other aspect of organisation i.e. the P.A., microphones, stage monitors, etc. Surface Festival also provides the full backline (guitar & bass amps, full drum set incl. cymbals, stands, drum stool and kick pedals). For a full list of equipment please see the F.A.Q.'s section of the website.


Surface Festival provides full online promotion for all events of the Festival. Listings are posted up across the internet on gig-listing sites, internet-based magazines and relevant music-related websites. This is done nationally as well as regionally. Upcoming gigs are also posted on our website along with each band's MySpace/website-link.


Surface Festival has a UK mailing list of over 65,000 music-related email-addresses which is used for promotion of the band and artists in the event.


Surface Festival has a vast data-base of press contacts for each area of the country. The Surface Festival schedule is submitted to national press as well as to local news and entertainment sections.

Other Promotion

Surface Festival makes a particular effort to promote band and artists that stand out to music-related businesses, such as:

Local level promotion


Surface Festival actively encourages band and artists to sell merchandise at Surface Festival gigs. Surface Festival gigs are separated by genre. This gives the opportunity for band and artists to increase fan base as audience members will be fans of the same genre. Band and artists should take this opportunity to promote themselves to new people and sell merchandise, also gaining extra profits for themselves.

Surface Festival Committee

The Surface Festival Committee will consist of a panel of music industry representatives who will have the privilege of seeing the very best acts from around the UK that will appear at the International Showcase. The committee will be the main contributor in deciding the 2012 band of the Festival and who will receive Industry Showcases, Recording and Production Deals, Professional Photo Shoots, Cash, Endorsements and the prizes worth in excess of £100,000.


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